Zeleni Kut has a tradition of 57 years (May 1, 1967). It is a family heritage with the atmosphere of a domestic and natural environment. On its development path, it managed to preserve the dominance of nature, which is evidenced by the rich gastronomic offer of river fish from its own pools, specialties of cured meat products such as ham, sausage and bacon. In a special offer, we also offer vegetarian dishes, and dishes under the oven or from the spit, as well as pizzas from the bread oven. The restaurant has a capacity of 200 closed spaces arranged in 3 rooms suitable for organized gatherings, seminars and similar events. Also, in the outer part there is a beautiful terrace with a capacity of 100 seats.

Working hours
02.03. - 28.03.
Monday - Sunday, holidays and public holidays09:00 - 21:00
29.03. - 01.11.
Monday - Sunday, holidays and public holidays07:00 - 23:00
12.11. - 01.03.
Non-working days